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      Characteristics And Composition Of Francis Turbine

      Jan. 14, 2020

      Francis Turbine is a type of impact turbine. It was invented by the American engineer Francis in 1849, also known as Francis Turbine, or radial flow turbine. The water flows radially into the runner from all sides, and then flows out of the runner approximately axially. The runner consists of an upper crown, a lower ring and a blade. In recent years, the development trend is high head, large capacity, high specific speed and high efficiency. Below is a brief overview of the characteristics of Francis turbines from the Hydraulic Turbine Generator Supplier.

      The mixed flow turbine has a compact structure, high efficiency, and can adapt to a wide range of heads. It is one of the water turbine models widely used in countries around the world. When the water flow passes through the working wheel of this turbine, it enters in the radial direction and flows out in the axial direction, so it is also called radial axial flow turbine. It is suitable for water heads ranging from 20 meters to 700 meters. The mechanism is simple, the operation is stable, and the efficiency is high, but it is generally used in the middle water head range (50 meters to 400 meters). The output of a single machine ranges from tens of kilowatts to hundreds of thousands of kilowatts. At present, the maximum output of this turbine has exceeded 700,000 kilowatts. It is one of the most widely used turbines. The 700 MW unit with a single capacity in

      Francis Turbine

      Composition of Francis turbine:

      The structure of the Francis turbine is simple. The main components include a volute, a seat ring, a water guide mechanism, a top cover, a runner, a main shaft, a guide bearing (see the turbine guide bearing), a bottom ring and a draft tube. The snail shell is generally made of metal material and has a circular cross section. The seat ring is placed between the volute and the guide vane, and consists of an upper ring, a lower ring, and a number of uprights, which are directly connected to the volute; the uprights are wing-shaped and cannot rotate, and are also called fixed guide vanes. The water guiding mechanism is composed of moving guide vanes, speed control ring, arm, connecting rod and other components. The runner is directly connected to the main shaft (see the main shaft of the hydraulic turbine). It is a rotating part of this type of turbine. The runner is composed of an upper crown, a lower ring, a drain cone and a number of fixed blades. The head used varies. The draft tube is a hydraulic turbine drainage component that directs the water flow from the outlet of the runner to the downstream. It is generally elbow-shaped. Small-scale turbines often use a straight cone draft tube.

      The above is the relevant information about Francis Turbine introduced by China Francis Turbine Supplier. I hope it can help everyone.

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